Nance Donaldson's Top 10 Tastings can be customized to the goals of her clients.
Use these as inspiration, and then contact Nance.

Making a Great Impression on Clients

Enjoying Wine

Pairing Wine with Food


  1. “What’s In Your Glass?” - Wine Tasting Basics
    Discover how to get the most enjoyment from your wine by exploring the sight, aroma and taste.  What is the best temperature for serving wine?  Does it really make a difference which wine you serve with which food?  All these questions and more will be explored in a fun, interactive session.

  2. “Wine Regions of the World” - A virtual tour of your favorite region
    Take a trip to Italy, France, Argentina or Spain and discover the culture and history of winemaking in these regions.  Taste a variety of the best wines your chosen country has to offer.

  3. “Pick a Winner” - Restaurant Wine Service & Wine Lists
    Build confidence as the appointed wine host of the table.  Learn how to work with the Sommelier to select and artfully taste the wine.   Use your knowledge to select wines that fit into the company’s budget, will WOW your best clients and match each guest’s dinner selection.    

  4. "From Good to Great” – Techniques for Purchasing Wine
    Purchase the best bargain wines and turn them into absolute winners at the dinner table.  We will discover how to Buy Right, Hold Right, Serve Right and Pair Right.  By the end of the evening our guests feel confident about serving wines that fit into their budget and lifestyle.

  5. “Forget Me Not” - Building Client & Business Relationships With Wine
    Have you ever wondered what wine to choose at a client dinner or how to handle a wine steward when he presents the wine to you?  Or would you like to show your clients your appreciation through a unique wine experience or by sending them a wine gift that will not be forgotten?  Here’s your opportunity to become confident about wine and the creative ways you can use wine to build lasting relationships with your clients.

  6. “War of the Worlds” - Old World Vs. New World Wines
    Taste the same type of wine (i.e. Chardonnay , Syrah or other wine of your choosing) from Old World and New World wineries.  Learn how they compare and contrast by taste, smell and style.  Discover how winemakers use the environment, growing conditions, soil, and sun to produce wines of distinction.  This is a fun event especially for beginners, where we review the fine art of tasting, and learn that all wine is not created equal.

  7. “Drink Pink” – Discovering the Rose Wine Trail
    We’re not talking Strawberry Hill or White Zinfandel here.  Think beyond reds and whites and open the exciting world of rose wines from exotic locals like Provence,  Loire Valley, Rioja or Santiago. Learn how to distinguish between dry and sweet styles and tips on classic food pairings.  

  8. “Matchmaker-Matchmaker” – Ideal Wine and Food Pairings
    Pairing wines with food can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Learn how to take into consideration the cooking method, the sauce and texture of your food to perfectly marry with the taste, weight and style of wine.  You won’t have to rely on the old wives tale of red’s with meat or white’s with fish again.

  9. “Read Between The Wines” –Pairing Wines with Book Themes
    A whole new way to enjoy reading with your favorite Book Club!  Learn about, taste, and enjoy wines while your Book Club discusses the characters, setting and themes of a wine related novel, mystery or non-fiction book.  Nance will  guide you and your friends through the exciting world of wine and literature.

  10. "California Dreamin’" – Wines Born in the USA
    From coast to coast, wine is making its mark on the American palate.  In fact, California wines account for two of every three bottles consumed in the U.S. including both foreign and domestic sales.  So get on the “California Wine Bus” as we virtually tour the vineyards, restaurants and hotels that make this area as famous for its wines as its vacation destination.  Kick back California style as we enjoy 6 stellar wines from California’s most famous wine-growing areas which not only include selections from the famed appellations of Napa Valley and Sonoma Counties but extends from Santa Barbara to Mendocino.